Insight Aviation provides airworthiness surveyors for Guernsey channel islands aircraft registry.

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry offers a full scope of regulatory services to support aircraft owners and lessors for aircraft not used for commercial air transport. The 2-REG nationality mark consists of the number 2 followed by four letters. This unique mark facilitates personalized combinations , such as names (2-JOHN), places (2-BALI), verbs  (2-SAVE), or even phrases (2-COOL). But probably more interesting is that for Off-lease aircraft which have very specific registration needs. To facilitate these, the Guernsey 2-REG has efficient registration and de-registration processes. For EASA, FAA and TCCA the 2-REG can support easy transitions with these legislation requirements.

The Guernsey Director of Civil Aviation assigned surveyors from Insight Aviation. The surveyors may perform inspections to aircraft and documentation to ensure that the aircraft is in compliance to the pre-selected criteria before it receives a CofA. The first two A319 aircraft are performed by surveyors from Insight Aviation.

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